Please join us for a

Saturday, February 21, 2004
Open House 4:00pm-8:00pm
Brit Shalom (Welcoming Ceremony) 5:00pm

12705 Sandia Ridge Pl NE
(No gifts please!)

Please RSVP to

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BrisShalomAlter (Medium).JPG (75710 bytes)    LarIntro (Medium).JPG (38432 bytes)    Intro (Medium).JPG (64179 bytes)    LightingCandles2 (Medium).JPG (73941 bytes)    CandleLighting2 (Medium).JPG (65991 bytes)
 Altar                                         Welcoming                                           Candle Lighting                                                    

 028_26A (Medium).JPG (37061 bytes)    Prayers (Medium).JPG (65841 bytes)    031_29A (Medium).JPG (61087 bytes)
                                                            Ari passed to Bubba

GrandpaLonnyWinePrayer (Medium).JPG (46346 bytes)    AriWine (Medium).JPG (40995 bytes)    ChallahHoney (Medium).JPG (57363 bytes)
Prayer over wine      Ari sips wine          Ari passed to Steph

033_31A (Medium).JPG (37580 bytes)    ClosingPrayers (Medium).JPG (61007 bytes)    ChallahHoney (Medium).JPG (57363 bytes)
                Closing prayers                     Challah and honey for a sweet life

Mary60BDay (Medium).JPG (43953 bytes)                                       Shannon (Medium).JPG (32225 bytes)
HAPPY 60th to Grandma Mary!!                Shannon & Ari

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