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My Undergraduate Senior Thesis (warning: huge file! 210k!)
(The female physique athlete and the role of physical strength in women's strive for equality)

There are 3 billion women who don't look like supermodels, and only 8 who do.

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Links, links and more links...............

dancing womanSize Acceptance Organizations:
http://www.naafa.org/ (NAAFA-National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance)
http://www.size-acceptance.org/ (ISAA-International Size Acceptance Association)
http://www.about-face.org/index.html (STOP STARVATION IMAGERY)
http://www.usit.com/ahelp/ (AHELP-Association for the Health Enrichment of Large People)
(Largesse, the network for size-esteem)
http://www.overcomingovereating.com/ (Overcoming Overeating)

Size Acceptance Magazines:

http://www.radiancemagazine.com/ (Radiance Magazine)
http://www.pencomputing.com/dim/ (Dimensions magazine)
http://web2.airmail.net/lmartin/ (Rump Parliament)
http://www.fatso.com/index.html (Fat!So?)
http://www.modemag.com// (MODE magazine)

Health and Fitness at Any Size:
http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/users/sharon.curtis/BF/Inf/main.html (Info on fatness and health)
http://www.bayarea.net/~stef/Fat/genetics.txt (Dawn Atkins, "Genetics, Fat and Weight")
http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/users/sharon.curtis/BF/Inf/main.html (Links for health topics for people who are fat)
http://www.rdrop.com/users/caf/adipos.html (Adiposity 101—scientific)
http://www.overcomingovereating.com/diabetes.html (Diabetes and the Overcoming Overeating Approach to Health)
http://www.chairdancing.com/ (Chair dancing video info)
http://www.kron.com/nc4/healthbeat/stories/size_series.html (Healthbeat’s Healthy At Any Size Series—aired 8/4-7/97)
Faith Sloan's Bodybuilding Site (My personal favorite way to stay fit)

Miscellaneous Size Acceptance Links:
http://www.sover.net/~astarte/fa/ (alt.support.big-folks/soc.support.size-acceptance home pages)
http://www.feedmag.com/html/feedline/98.03slivka/98.03slivka_master.html (Sociological essay)
http://bostonphoenix.com/archive/features/98/10/15/DEADLY_DIETS.html (Girls and dieting)
(Fat and Fabulous)
http://www.op.net/~maxwoman/ (Maximum Woman’s Maximum Homepage)
(Size Acceptance)
http://www.ideasign.com/wench/index.htm (Photo gallery of BBW/FA)
http://www.bayarea.net/~stef/fat.html (Fat Positive web page with lot of links)
http://www.sizewise.com/swplus.html (Size Wise Plus—Taking Size Acceptance to the Next Level)
http://www.netaxs.com/~babygrrl/fad.html (Fat Ass Dyke Productions—great T-shirts)

Eating Disorders:

http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=BIBRI&list (Unbinding the Body Betrayed-Eating disorder stories)
http://members.xoom.com/edrecovery/ (Hunger Pains)
http://www.something-fishy.org/ (Something Fishy)
http://users.neca.com/cwildes/index.htm (Anorexia—Guide for Patients, Family, and Friends)
http://hometown.aol.com/SuunShine3/home.html (Meg’s Webpage on Eating Disorders)

Cosmetic and Weight-Loss Surgery (or Body Mutilation):
http://www.pacifier.com/~bis/ (alt.support.breast-Implant)
http://www.brown.edu/Courses/Bio_Community_Health168C/Implants.html (Silicone Breast Implant Court Cases)
http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/8689/ (Silicone Breast Implant Survivors)
http://www.ts-tech.com/sbi-info/ (Info on Silicone Breast Implants)
http://members.aol.com/Chiper4u/tears.html (Tears Shed Around the World—Stories
of Breast Implant Survivors )
http://hometown.aol.com/sosalines/sos.htm (
SOS—Survivors of Salines)
http://naafa.org/documents/policies/wls.html (NAAFA’s Stance on Weight Loss Surgery)
http://members.tripod.com/~LADY_E_1/lady_e.htm#top (Link to Support Group for Survivors of Weight Loss Surgery)
http://www.eden.com/~crusader/surgery.html (Personal Story of a Survivor of Ileo-jejunal Bypass Surgery)

My Book List:
http://www.uidaho.edu/~bjcraw/books.htm (Size Acceptance book list)
http://www.sizewise.com/booknook.htm (Size Wise Book Nook—order
(ED book catalogue--order thru the web!)

Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your Weight and Your Health, by Glenn A. Gaesser, Ph.D.
Rethinking Obesity: An Alternative View of its Health Implications, by Paul Ernsberger and Paul Haskew (a monograph from The Journal of Obesity and Weight Regulation, volume 6, number 2, summer 1987)
Overcoming Fear of Fat, edited by Laura S. Brown, Ph.D., and Esther D. Rothblum, Ph.D.

General Size-Acceptance/Body Image:
Hunger Pains: The Modern Woman’s Tragic Quest for Thinness, by Mary Pipher, Ph.D.
The Beauty Myth, by Naomi Wolf
Beauty Secrets: Women and the Politics of Appearance, by Wendy Chapkis
Full Lives: Women Who Have Freed themselves from Food and Weight Obsession, by Lindsey Hall

Fat Acceptance:
Size Wise: A Catalog of More Than 1000 Resources for Living With Confidence and Comfort at Any Size, by Judy Sullivan
Shadow on a Tightrope: Writings By Women on Fat Oppression, edited by Lisa Schoenfielder and Barb Wieser, Forward by Vivian Mayer
Life is Not a Dress Size: Rita Farro’s Guide to Attitude, Style, and A New You, by Rita Farro
Journeys to Self-Acceptance: Fat Women Speak, edited by Carol Wiley
Thin is Just a Four-Letter Work: Living Fit—For All Shapes and Sizes, by Dee Hakala
Great Shape: The First Fitness Guede For Large Women, by Pat Lyons and Debby Burgard

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls, by Mary Pipher, Ph.D.
Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters, by Joan Ryan

Eating Disorders:
The Hungry Self: Women, Eating and Identity, by Kim Chernin
The Obsession: Reflections on the Tyranny of Slenderness, by Kim Chernin
Never Too Thin, by Eva Szekely
Consuming Passions: Feminist Approaches to Weight Preoccupation and Eating Disorders, edited by Catrina Brown and Karin Jasper
Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders, edited by Patricia Fallon, Melanie A. Katzman, and Susan C. Wooley


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