September 2006
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Things I did this month:
I can count objects up to 5... now up to 12!
I know how old I am and that my Birthday is in February
I can take off my shoes and socks and jacket all by myself
I can put my own shoes on and pull up my pants
I went canoeing
I went to the circus!

Things I say:
Okay... okay...
...just kidding

Random conversations:
Ari: What's that kid's name?
Mommy: I don't know
Ari: Hmmmm (face scrunched up), must be… James
Ari: What's that (pointing to some random thing)?
Mommy: I don't know
Ari: Hmmmm (face scrunched up), must be… must be... must be chapstick *#&$?


Here ya go...


At the Children's Museum with Mommy

Getting ready for Halloween... Roar!

Canoeing with Mommy... Yea!!!!               Ooooh! Sca-wy!

Just hangin' with the geese ("Taran say honkers, Ari say geese...")

Ari at the Rochester AIDS Walk with Taran

There's Ari on his bike at front center with Taran right behind

Ari and his new friends!

Ari and Taran resting after a LONG walk/bike ride all the way around Silver Lake
to "help sick people"

Good Yom Tov!
Happy Rosh Hashanah!


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