September 2005

New things this month:

Mommy tried to make me sit on a camel !! (9/4)
Daddy tried to feed me to a polar bear !! (9/4)
I don't like the thunder
I can drink from a straw (9/10)
I can eat corn on the cob (9/10)
I rode on a merry-go-round (9/10)
I can eat a peach all by myself
I can walk up and down stairs without holding on (9/15)
I can hold a cup with one hand to drink
I can "brrph" like an elephant (with hand in front of mouth like a trunk)

New words this month:

Meow and I can say it perfect 9/4
"Dsh" Juice (I've actually been saying this one for a while, but nobody listened) 9/5
ASL for "hot" 9/5
"Nee" Green
Bye 9/15
Ba-bye 9/15
Ni hau !! Chinese for "hello"

 Okay... I can pretty much copy any word I feel like...!!

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IMG_1805_090705 (Medium).jpg (38853 bytes)
Got my coffee & ready for school, Mum-mum


IMG_1794_090205 (Medium).jpg (74526 bytes)    IMG_1796_090205 (Medium).jpg (69708 bytes)
Good breakfast

IMG_1811_090805 (Medium).jpg (71248 bytes)
Nose bonkies

IMG_1802_090305 (Medium).jpg (61822 bytes)
I think I'll have a glass of water
IMG_1838_091905 (Medium).jpg (67930 bytes)


IMG_1824_091005 (Medium).jpg (92119 bytes)    IMG_1826_091005 (Medium).jpg (84217 bytes)    IMG_1820_091005 (Medium).jpg (88691 bytes)    IMG_1821_091005 (Medium).jpg (81610 bytes)
At the New Mexico State Fair

IMG_1828_091305 (Medium).jpg (50357 bytes)
I like to nap...
IMG_1801_090305 (Medium).jpg (72763 bytes)
...but it's hard to wake up


IMG_1841_092405 (Medium).jpg (58357 bytes)
IMG_1842_092405 (Medium).jpg (55920 bytes)
More please


IMG_1846_092405 (Medium).jpg (59761 bytes) IMG_1847_092405 (Medium).jpg (61837 bytes) IMG_1851_092405 (Medium).jpg (63960 bytes) IMG_1849_092405 (Medium).jpg (56701 bytes)


IMG_1852_092405 (Medium).jpg (59262 bytes)

IMG_1853_092405 (Medium).jpg (55412 bytes)
IMG_1855_092405 (Medium).jpg (56397 bytes)

IMG_1854_092405 (Medium).jpg (56319 bytes)


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