October 2006
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Things I did this month:
Mommy bought me a baseball bat and I'm learning to play baseball
I can sing "twinkle twinkle little star" and do my "ABC's"
I can pick out a few letters like "S" and "O"
I have quite the temper these days and I hit and spit at people when I'm mad...
"that's no good"
I can sing the "Squishing up my baby bumble bee" song (and do all the hand movements with it)
I can hold up 2 fingers and 3 fingers
I can put on my coat (arms through and over my head)
I got a TERRIBLE haircut!

Things I say:
Shana tovah and good yom tov!
I like Jazz music... I want play saxaphone
That's no good
How'd that happen?

Random conversations:
Mommy: What was the best part of your day today?
Ari: I ride red bike... make my face happy
*    *    *
Mommy (trying to convince Ari to take a bath): I'll take a bath with you
Ari: Yeah... that's a special treat
*    *    *
Mommy: My toe hurts
Ari: Why?
Mommy: I don't know
Ari: That happens sometimes



At the Pumpkin Patch with mommy and Simeon and Simeon's mommy and Simeon's daddy
We went in a corn maze, picked apples, went on a hayride, and picked out pumpkins




Just hangin' out at home

Playing with Simeon

With mommy at the Kindercare Halloween party

Rochester Historical Society Halloween party

Bubba's visit to Rochester

Carving pumpkins with Mommy, Bubba, Simeon and his Mommy and Daddy


Happy Halloween!!


Ari and Simeon Trick-or-treating


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