November 2006
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Things I did this month:
I like escargot!
I can put on/take off my own pants
I can put on my own shoes and boots
First telephone conversation with Grandpop

Things I say:
Oh maaaan!

Random conversations:
Mommy: Why?
Ari: Because
Mommy: Because why?
Ari: Different because

"I look like kangaroo" (when seeing bathtub pic below)



The first snow!

Blue tongue


Michigan Trip

Just doing some work on the computer in Bubba's office

All clean... oh mommy, what did you do to my hair?!

Goofing around with Samuel


Lazy mornings at Bubba and Grandpa Bob's house

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy 70th Grandpop!!

The menu

The Lobster Bash!  ...Oooh scawy!

Maine lobsters with smores for dessert... what could be better?

Don't bother us please, we're watching TV!

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