May 2007
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Things I did this month:
I counted to 24
(probably actually did this a long time ago...)
I pooped in the potty!!!  Yeaaaaaaah! (5/17)... twice
No more pull-up for me, I wear big boy underwear! Go me!!!!!
I was kicked out of school for fighting!

Random conversations:
Ari (discussing a spider he found--apparently a dead spider): Oh no, I dropped it.  Let's look for it.
Mommy: I don't think you'll be able to find it again.
Ari: Why?... Why?... but why mommy?
Mommy: Well, it probably crawled away.
Ari: No!  It can't crawl away because it's dead!  That why I have to carry it!
*    *    *

Ari (after peeing): My pee-pee just like a water hose (yep, he's a boy alright)

Ari (announcing loudlyto an entire table of strangers at a tepan-style Japanese restaurant after returning from the bathroom after accidentally peeing in his pants with Mommy having forgotten to bring a change of underwear): My penis is in my pants!
Mommy (saying goodnight on the 4th of July): You dream about fireworks
Ari: I dream about you


Yo! Wha's up?

My friend, Moshe had his 3rd Birthday and upsheren at his family's cabin in Wacouta, MN


Crazy cool house by the lake... not Moshe's!

The Ari montage

Ari's first go at photography--I think he's a natural


Mommy's college friend, Victor


JETS "Minastics"

Mayo Pathology Graduation Dinner


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