May 2005
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Things I learned to do this month:
Stand all by myself (for about 5 whole seconds)! (5/2)
Took my first step by myself! (5/2)
I can point to all my body parts (head, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, bellybutton, hands, and feet)
ASL sign for "cold"
Walk like a pro!
"Moooo" like a cow
"Oo, oo, oo" like a monkey!

IMG_1598_050505 (Medium).jpg (61695 bytes)    IMG_1597_050505 (Medium).jpg (64195 bytes)
Yummy!  Strawberries...

Breakfast2_050205 (Medium).jpg (63062 bytes)
Breakfast time

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IMG_1615_052105 (Medium).jpg (119479 bytes)    IMG_1613_052105 (Medium).jpg (120179 bytes)

TalkingOnThePhone_052705 (Medium).jpg (50209 bytes)
"Talking on the phone"

IMG_1620_052205 (Medium).jpg (69936 bytes)    IMG_1621_052205 (Medium).jpg (61927 bytes)

IMG_1626_052905 (Medium).jpg (68785 bytes)
Oh, I'm just so cute, it's disgusting !!

IMG_1607_050805 (Medium).jpg (37864 bytes)    IMG_1605_050805 (Medium).jpg (76763 bytes)

IMG_1623_052205 (Medium).jpg (51544 bytes)
Hanging out with daddy


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