March 2006
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Things I learned to do this month:
I can ride my tricycle all by myself!
Cuss like a sailor!

Things I say:
"Right back" (as in "I'll be right back")
" Samuel?" (as in "where is Samuel?")
"Bird on top house"
(Everything spoken like a "New Yorker"--boid=bird, downstaas=downstairs) 


IMG_2092_031406 (Medium).jpg (57095 bytes)
Yummy!  Broccoli!

Dallas Trip

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IMG_2110_031606 (Medium).jpg (84256 bytes)    IMG_2104_031606 (Medium).jpg (125244 bytes)    Botanical Gardens
     Hello Auntie 

IMG_2112_031706 (Medium).jpg (47204 bytes)    IMG_2114_031706 (Medium).jpg (117866 bytes)    IMG_2116_031706 (Medium).jpg (116746 bytes)
                                                  Samuel, Ari, and Vicki

IMG_2117_031806 (Medium).jpg (79160 bytes)    IMG_2120_031806 (Medium).jpg (57796 bytes)    IMG_2119_031806 (Medium).jpg (57323 bytes)
                              Glen Ridge

IMG_2122_032006 (Medium).jpg (74922 bytes)    IMG_2128_032006 (Medium).jpg (84321 bytes)    IMG_2126_032006 (Medium).jpg (119799 bytes)

  IMG_2125_032006 (Medium).jpg (76096 bytes)
Whew, we are worn out!

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