June 2007
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Things I did this month:
I am learning to swim
I went on a motorboat
(It was too "scawy" for me)

Random conversations:
Ari (announcing loudly to an entire table of strangers at a tepan-style Japanese restaurant upon returning from the bathroom after accidentally peeing in his pants with Mommy having forgotten to bring a change of underwear): My penis is in my pants!


Our new house!!!

My new scooter
(because I wear big boy underwear)

"Mari is my favorite girl"

     Mommy, look what "Mawi" did!            Mommy, Mommy, look at what I did!

Saying good-bye to my friend, Simeon

Ari and Sanjay at the scope
"ees malig"

Farewell party for the Fellows at Dr. Andrew Folpe's house (ALF pushing Ari on swing)

Rochester Methodist Hospital frozen section lab
Kathy, Jim, Tammy, Jim, Mary Joe, Barb, Dr. Sanderson, John (fellow), Dave (resident), Delara (resident with my last Myers' prostate!)


The final Fellow get-together

Good-bye Mayo
Sanjay, Will, and the Mayo Brothers (Will and Charlie); Hilton Bldg (where we spent our days); Mayo Clinic, Plummer Bldg

Hello vacation!  Thanks, Jim!


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