June 2006
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Things I learned to do this month:
Hang and swing from monkey bars
Take off my pants
Moved to Rochester, MN
Started new school (Civic League Day Nursery NW)

Things I say:
6-word sentences
Lots of singing (Bah, bah black sheep, how, wow, wow, wow, woo, yes sir, yes sir, thee bags full. One master, one dame. Little boy lane... Yeaaaaaa!" Hand clapping)
I need my space
Move away


My friends in Albuquerque
Chamisa Room at UNM Children's Campus
I miss you all so much!

My favorite teacher
I miss you Shianne!!

My friend, Skylar


Funny faces


Mommy and daddy on a much needed weekend getaway at Tamaya resort and spa


My last day at school
Thank you everybody for my new shirt
I miss you

    Mommy's last day at work

Liz and Clarissa


Kristin, Bonny, Veena, Liz, Melissa

Myra, Karen, Veena


Bye-bye Shannon!  We miss you!


My first official haircut

Bye-bye Mari!  See ya later!

Here we go!

Flying... up, up, up, up... down, down, down, down...

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