July 2007
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Things I did this month:
I went to the beach

Random conversations:
Mommy (saying goodnight on the 4th of July): You dream about fireworks
Ari: I dream about you

Ari (on eating blueberries): I need eat more so I have *big* tummy, like you Mommy

*    *    *

Ari on discussing the weather with Mari--
Mari: It's too hot to pull the wagon
Ari (getting annoyed): I know! I want to sit in it... you pull it!

*    *    *

Mommy: Hurry! We have to go to the beach
Ari: Right now?
Mommy: Yes.
Ari: Hurraaaaaaaaayy! I love that game!

*    *    *

Ari: Can I have some gum?
Mommy: You want some gum?
Ari: Yes!
Mommy: Okay.
Ari: Yeaaa! I love that game!




Mari is my favorite girl!

Checking out the Mayo Clinic Helicoptor...


Happy 4th of July !


My new friends

The Big Move
"our week of transition"

From Minnesota

to Michigan

Playing with Scotty

Lake Michigan

Yummm... lots of ice cream in Michigan!!

My Uncle Mike, Auntie Yuh Min, and Cousin Samuel

Hanging out with the guys
(my Uncles Kevin and Todd)

Whew, am I tired out!

...and on to NM

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