July 2006
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Things I learned to do this month:
I can jump off the couch!
I went swimming in a lake and went on a boat with Taran

Things I say:
Wheres-zizzet? (Where is it?)
I want much (as in "I want much ice cream" or "leave door open much")

At the hotel in Rochester

Hangin' out with
"Gampa" Bob

Our stuff is finally here!
(and only a week late)

Watching the movers with Bubba

Helping Bubba unpack the kitchen


4th of July




Oh no!  Raining!  What gonna dooo?!

Peaches, yummy in my tummy!

At the park

At the Zollman Zoo with my new Rochester friend, Simean

Taken by my nanny, Taran


It's been an exhausting few weeks!


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