July 2005
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New things this month:
I gave my mommy a kiss... right on the lips!! (7/24)
I can "hoooo" like an owl
I recognized my bubba on a home video!
I run everywhere now
I love to go for walks in the neighborhood
I can drink out of a real cup all by myself
I can pull my wagon while walking
I like to "bang-bang" on the washing machine
I LOVE to swim in my baby swimming pool
I can "ma ma" like a kitty
I can blow kisses (mmmmaaaaa!)
Stand up and lift one leg up while holding on to something

New words this month:
"uppo"      purple
"amo"       animal
"yeyyo"    yellow
"yeeyo"    Leo (our yellow cat)
"yeeyo"    Harry (our black cat!)
"boo"       Blue
ASL for daddy and mum-mum
ASL for sleep


MiltonMichael_070405 (Medium).jpg (79017 bytes)
Lar playing with Milton and Michael

IMG_1671_070405 (Medium).jpg (81306 bytes)    YardenMatthew_070405 (Medium).jpg (100147 bytes)    YardenMatthew_1677_070405 (Medium).jpg (88340 bytes)
Ari, Matthew and Yarden swimming

Hazel_070405 (Medium).jpg (57819 bytes)    KimMattMatthewYarden_070405 (Medium).jpg (71402 bytes)    ClarissaTamar_070405 (Medium).jpg (72829 bytes)
 Baby Hazel snoozing while mom (Clarissa) chats with Yarden's mom (Tamar) and Matthew's mom (Kim)

RichardMatt_1680_070405 (Medium).jpg (64225 bytes)
The dad's (Lar, Richard and Matt)

GrandmaSteph_1695_071005 (Medium).jpg (124502 bytes)    GrandmaSteph_1696_071005 (Medium).jpg (125806 bytes)    GrandmaSteph_1697_071005 (Medium).jpg (118495 bytes)    Poppie_1698_071005 (Medium).jpg (77473 bytes)
A visit from Poppie and Grandma Steph!

IMG_1710_072305 (Medium).jpg (58969 bytes)    IMG_1711_072305 (Medium).jpg (52758 bytes)
Tired out after a hard day of playing

IMG_1699_071305 (Medium).jpg (72057 bytes)    IMG_1682_070905 (Medium).jpg (83875 bytes)

IMG_1704_072005 (Medium).jpg (39656 bytes)    IMG_1705_072005 (Medium).jpg (57759 bytes)    IMG_1709_072005 (Medium).jpg (61008 bytes)    IMG_1714_072405 (Medium).jpg (56482 bytes)


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