January 2007!!!!!!
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Things I did this month:
I'm going into the 3's room at school!
My first dentist appointment

Random conversations:
Ari on making oatmeal with brown sugar--
Ari: I want to eat some brown sugar
Mommy: Just a little bit
Ari: Yes.  Just a little bit MUCH

*    *    *

On going shopping at World Market--
Mommy: Maybe we'll get you something
Ari: A toy! (eyes wide/big goofy grin)
Mommy (pointing to a huge pile of toys on the floor): What about all those toys over there?  You have a lot of toys already.
Ari (very serious scrunched up face, thnking): Those toys getting old... and older

*    *    *

Mommy (tired from reading the same book over and over): Why don't we just look at the pictures.
Ari: No Mommy... talk 'bout it

*    *    *

Ari on eating chicken to get "big and strong"
Mommy: Ari, you're so big now
Ari: No, I not big... I still need eat lots of chicken

 *    *    *

Ari on getting bigger

Mommy:  You're so big
Ari: No, I not big... just little bit big... just little tiny... like this (holding thumb and first finger together to show how tiny)

 *    *    *

Ari: Bubba bought me this book... lots of presents and great big hugs.
Bubba give me that truck book.  I love it.  That my favorite.

 *    *    *

Mommy: I don't remember where their house is...  I hope we can find it
Ari: Mommy, we can find it... we have good eyes to look


Playing trains with Bubba

Watching the Rosebowl with Grandpa Bob

Sledding on New Year's Day with Mommy, Bubba, my friend Simeon, and his Mommy and Daddy


Mayo Fellows
John Gentry, Will Ahrens, Jennifer Herrick, Sanjay Mukhopadhyay, MJ, Steph


                Taran and I made an Ocean of Sailboats

Being silly while helping Mommy mop the floor


Our trip to Albuquerque

Mommy and I saw sharks at the aquarium!

...and baby goats at my old school

Whew, am I wiped out!




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