January 2006

New things this month:
3-word sentences ("Awi on gkuck"--Ari on truck)
I can sing (I really just hum softly tho when mommy asks me to sing her a song)
I still LOVE "gkucks"
I like to play the "red light/green light" game
I'm starting in the toddler room at school (and they have big kid potties!)
We lit the Shabbos candles and I was VERY upset because I didn't get a present after
    (see below... "mo' Ha-kah pease")
"Wed" (red) means "top" (stop) and "neen" means go
I can "roooaaar" like a lion... or a dinosaur... or a monster...
I can tell the story of the dinosaurs (beek gkock... cash!... det... bone... dig up... meenum)

Cute things I say:
"neen awo"--green arrow (as when driving and turning left)
"Mama go" (when mommy should go with Ari)
"Daddy go" (see above)
"Mo' Ha-kah pease" (more chanukah please)
"Mo hot" (more candle lighting... as in "mo' Ha-kah pease!)

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January 1st, the 8th night of Chanukah

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At the "meenum" with daddy

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