February 2006

New things this month:
I can say 4-word sentences ("Here ya go, daddy")
I can count to 3!
I can play "ring around the rosie"
I have a girlfriend at school (Caroline)!  We hold hands.
Mommy went on a business trip and left me home with daddy for 4 days
I can sing "row, row, row your boat" (sort of)
I can count to 10!! (2/20)


IMG_2028_020406 (Medium).jpg (77297 bytes)
My new trike from Bubba and Grandpa
Great way to start my Birthday!

IMG_2029_020406 (Medium).jpg (48986 bytes)
Waiting for the guests to arrive

IMG_2073_020406 (Medium).jpg (86219 bytes)

Matthew, Mommy (Kim), and Daddy (Matt)
IMG_2035_020406 (Medium).jpg (77088 bytes)
Destyn and Mommy (Robyn)
IMG_2065_020406 (Medium).jpg (74013 bytes)
Ankit, Nikita, and Mommy (Anju)
IMG_2041_020406 (Medium).jpg (75761 bytes)
IMG_2071_020406 (Medium).jpg (70929 bytes)
IMG_2042_020406 (Medium).jpg (86054 bytes)

IMG_2072_020406 (Medium).jpg (77290 bytes)
Playing "tay-toh"


HummerCale.jpg (43923 bytes)    HummerCale.jpg (43923 bytes)    HummerCale.jpg (43923 bytes)

IMG_2046_020406 (Medium).jpg (55672 bytes)IMG_2047_020406 (Medium).jpg (50382 bytes)IMG_2049_020406 (Medium).jpg (70142 bytes)IMG_2050_020406 (Medium).jpg (62140 bytes)
"Bir-tay keck"
"Hummer kuk keck"

IMG_2040_020406 (Medium).jpg (94527 bytes)IMG_2045_020406 (Medium).jpg (60592 bytes)IMG_2043_020406 (Medium).jpg (61500 bytes)IMG_2039_020406 (Medium).jpg (65030 bytes)

IMG_2051_020406 (Medium).jpg (73980 bytes)    IMG_2052_020406 (Medium).jpg (73699 bytes)    IMG_2054_020406 (Medium).jpg (90050 bytes)
Playing stickers

IMG_2057_020406 (Medium).jpg (74675 bytes)    IMG_2058_020406 (Medium).jpg (58065 bytes)    IMG_2062_020406 (Medium).jpg (77571 bytes)
Opening present... thanks everyone!!

IMG_2064_020406 (Medium).jpg (67854 bytes)    IMG_2066_020406 (Medium).jpg (78344 bytes)    IMG_2068_020406 (Medium).jpg (64715 bytes)    IMG_2069_020406 (Medium).jpg (76214 bytes)    IMG_2030_020406 (Medium).jpg (86766 bytes)


IMG_2075_020406 (Medium).jpg (66756 bytes)
My new trike!
Great way to end the day!

IMG_2077_020406 (Medium).jpg (69479 bytes)
Zzzzzz... what a day!

IMG_2080_020506 (Medium).jpg (84334 bytes)    IMG_2089_021906 (Medium).jpg (52594 bytes)    IMG_2088_021906 (Medium).jpg (46469 bytes)    IMG_2083_020806 (Medium).jpg (70423 bytes)

Group_022506.jpg (171358 bytes)
All my friends at school
(Saskia, Ari, Allen, Amber, Skylar, Caroline, Annele)

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