December 2005

New things this month:
3-word combinations! ("No, thank you", "park the car")
Pooped in toilet!
I can almost do a
I like to dance
I like to hop like "unny" (bunny) and gallop like "nay" (horse)
I can sing every 3rd letter in the alphabet song (and it's very exciting!)
I can zip up my own PJ's

Cute things I say (not necessarily new for this month):
"ossh" (off)
"Mo koko peas" (more cookie please)
"Mo boobies peas"
Beep, beep (excuse me/get outa my way!)
"Meenum" (museum)

IMG_1988_122705 (Medium).jpg (62855 bytes)    IMG_1990_122705 (Medium).jpg (55032 bytes)
             Driving... driving... driving

    BabysitterAmy2_121005 (Medium).jpg (70655 bytes)                             KathleenHeaney_121805 (Medium).jpg (50960 bytes)
My babysitter "May-me" (Amy)        Mommy's friend from JMC, Kathleen Heaney

  CreamCheeseBagel2_120705 (Medium).jpg (63895 bytes)                               IMG_1976_120605 (Medium).jpg (77300 bytes)
Hey what's the big deal?!                 Hmmmm... I wonder what's in this anyway?

IMG_1984_122405 (Medium).jpg (54421 bytes)     IMG_1983_122305 (Medium).jpg (31987 bytes)
Mommy's new slippers

Chanukah_122505 (Medium).jpg (75780 bytes)    IMG_1991_122905 (Medium).jpg (80771 bytes)
Happy "Ha-kah" !
(see January page for more Chanukah pics)

IMG_2026_012906 (Medium).jpg (74283 bytes)
Tired, mommy...
IMG_2020_012806 (Medium).jpg (60298 bytes)
IMG_2018_012406 (Medium).jpg (50382 bytes)
IMG_2017_012006 (Medium).jpg (30285 bytes)
IMG_2016_012006 (Medium).jpg (55131 bytes)


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