August 2006
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Things I learned to do this month:
I started a new school yet again...! (August 7)
I rode on a carnival ride in a car going round and round all by myself... 5 times in a row!
I like to sleep with my door open and nightlight on
I'm starting to nap without my sucky toy (as long as mommy's not around!)
I peed in the potty!

Things I say:
Why, mommy?
Ari little boy
Take a bike wide... now!
No see it/Ari not see it
Try again...
I need mecidine (cough, cough)
Where is them?
I don't see them
Yummy in my tummy!


Daddy's visit to Rochester
(August 18th-20th)

Check out my new haircut


Funny face

Yeaaa... a new bike helmet

Watching TV with daddy

Being silly with mommy

Hanging out with daddy



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