August 2005
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New things this month:

Jog in place... very fast (8/1)
Fed the ducks at MSU (8/3)
Fed and pet a goat (8/4)
Petted Grandpop and Grandmom's doggies, Axle and Martha (8/5)
Swam in a swimming pool at Bubba and Grandpa's house (8/6)
Walk up stairs (instead of crawling) while holding mommy's hand (8/9)
Walk down stairs while holding mommy's hand (8/12)
Sat on a pony... and it was SCARY!  (8/25)
Mmmmm... decaf mocha!
Hold one leg up in the air while holding on to something
Mommy can only brush my teeth if she sings "Farmer in the dell"

New words this month:

Hot, hot, hot... Always as a whisper 8/3
"Deese" Geese 8/7
"Ah-tee"/"ah-tay" Okay 8/7
"Yeeyo" Bubba and Grandpa's cat, Trouble 8/3
Pee-pee the first thing Ari said as I returned to my seat after going to the bathroom on our return flight to ABQ from MI... thanks Lar!  ;-) 8/6
Poop I see a theme here! 8/7
ASL for bird a VERY popular sign 8/3
"unny" Bunny 8/9
"Teese" Teeth 8/9
No! 8/9
"Han, han..." Hold my hand 8/12
ASL for dog 8/11
"appo" Apple (or purple)
"ah-cah" Alcohol ! (the first word that mommy and daddy both agreed was inappropriate for baby!)
Yeah We can now have actual conversations!
"mum, mum" Brm, brm (as in the sound a car makes)
"henooo" Hello

Trip To Michigan
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YeeyoWhereAreYou_080305 (Medium).jpg (90980 bytes)
The theme of the trip:
"Yeeyo, where are you???"

IMG_1746_080505 (Medium).jpg (84937 bytes)
At the zoo

IMG_1740_080505 (Medium).jpg (75352 bytes)

IMG_1742_080505 (Medium).jpg (86676 bytes)

IMG_1721_080305 (Medium).jpg (86733 bytes)
Playing with Grandpop and Axle

IMG_1758_080505 (Medium).jpg (74102 bytes)
Grandpop, Grandmom
and cousins, Axle and Martha

IMG_1751_080505 (Medium).jpg (77743 bytes)
Grandmom and Axle

IMG_1729_080405 (Medium).jpg (131219 bytes)
I like to feed the ducks

IMG_1736_080405 (Medium).jpg (113313 bytes)

IMG_1775_080605 (Medium).jpg (88828 bytes)
Bubba, I'm tired

IMG_1774_080605 (Medium).jpg (51120 bytes)

IMG_1772_080605 (Medium).jpg (123962 bytes) IMG_1768_080605 (Medium).jpg (93857 bytes)
Yea.... I'm swimming!

IMG_1771_080605 (Medium).jpg (119446 bytes)

IMG_1760_080605 (Medium).jpg (91771 bytes)
Breakfast at Bubba's
My 1st bagels & smoked fish
IMG_1761_080605 (Medium).jpg (61250 bytes)
It's okay... I'm just a baby

IMG_1738_080405rr (Medium).jpg (74579 bytes)
My new friend

IMG_1723_080305 (Medium).jpg (73712 bytes)
This trip's been a lot of work!



Folding1_082805 (Medium).jpg (59278 bytes)
Folding sheets

Ow_082005 (Medium).jpg (77202 bytes)
Face plant off the slide

MyFirst5K_082805 (Medium).jpg (85000 bytes)
Mommy's first 5K


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