September 2004
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Things I learned to do this month:
Celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Ride in my new "big boy" carseat

IMG_0888_090704 (Medium).jpg (107028 bytes)    IMG_0890_090704.jpg (479508 bytes)    Footprintcrop_090904.jpg (30632 bytes)
                Tie Dye Baby !!                       My footprint

IMG_0926_091704 (Medium).jpg (49472 bytes)     IMG_0896_091004_redeye (Medium).jpg (64958 bytes)    IMG_0902_091204 (Medium).jpg (49853 bytes)                IMG_0899_091104 (Medium).jpg (77803 bytes)    
Woman Power!!                                    Fuzzi Bunz baby        Kim, Matt, and baby Matthew

IMG_0903_091204 (Medium).jpg (53164 bytes)    IMG_0909_091204 (Medium).jpg (54215 bytes)    IMG_0925_091704 (Medium).jpg (51156 bytes)

IMG_0918_091504 (Medium).jpg (49840 bytes)    IMG_0916_091504 (Medium).jpg (53397 bytes)    IMG_0922_091604 (Medium).jpg (63163 bytes)    IMG_0923_091604 (Medium).jpg (64093 bytes)    IMG_0924_091604 (Medium).jpg (63521 bytes)
                     Rosh Hashanah with Tamar (not pictured), Richard, and baby Yarden
                                                             Shanah Tovah!!

    AriYarden2_091604 (Medium).jpg (85710 bytes)                  WomanPower_091704 (Medium).jpg (57416 bytes)        IMG_0911_091304 (Medium).jpg (48992 bytes)        BigBoyCarseat_091904 (Medium).jpg (79929 bytes)
My new friend, Yarden             Woman Power!           Dancing baby        My new big boy carseat

IMG_0933_092104 (Medium).jpg (24093 bytes)    WalkingWithDaddy2_092004 (Medium).jpg (62643 bytes)    IMG_0931_092104rr (Medium).jpg (63042 bytes)    IMG_0938_092404 (Medium).jpg (63827 bytes)    IMG_0939_092604 (Medium).jpg (75045 bytes)    IMG_0943_092604 (Medium).jpg (49904 bytes)
             Walking with Daddy                                                                                     Outside at Starbucks

IMG_0966_093004 (Medium).jpg (45293 bytes)    IMG_0950_092704 (Medium).jpg (85036 bytes)    IMG_0951_092704 (Medium).jpg (76670 bytes)
                                                  Sandia Peak


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