May 2004
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Things I learned to do this month:
Hold my head up during tummy-time

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Daddy and me in matching tie-dye!

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Buckle up for safety!

    IMG_0511 (Medium).jpg (65880 bytes)        IMG_0521 (Medium).jpg (71596 bytes)
                                    Thanks Aunt Roberta
                                      and Uncle David!

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No sleeping in the jogging stroller!                 Zzzzzzzz!!! 

IMG_0524 (Medium).jpg (40808 bytes)    IMG_0527 (Medium).jpg (56899 bytes)    IMG_0534 (Medium).jpg (43708 bytes)

IMG_0570_052304 (Medium).jpg (55326 bytes)    IMG_0544_051904 (Medium).jpg (36678 bytes)    IMG_0564_052204 (Medium).jpg (74593 bytes)    IMG_0550_051904 (Medium).jpg (66539 bytes)

IMG_0541_051804 (Medium).jpg (61760 bytes)    IMG_0540_051804 (Medium).jpg (88837 bytes)
            METAL BABY !!

IMG_0546_051904 (Medium).jpg (49915 bytes)    IMG_0558_052204 (Medium).jpg (105715 bytes)    IMG_0561_052204 (Medium).jpg (54172 bytes)
                                Naked Baby

IMG_0566_052204 (Medium).jpg (39129 bytes)    IMG_0568_052204 (Medium).jpg (38429 bytes)    IMG_0578_052604 (Medium).jpg (21611 bytes)    IMG_0572_052604 (Medium).jpg (36364 bytes)
                Kangaroo Baby

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Look at me holding my toy!


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