March 2004
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Things I learned to do this month:
Social smile

ErikaHardingDoula2 March 3 2004.JPG (195806 bytes)    March 4 2004resize Img_0310.jpg (164883 bytes)    March 5 2004resize Img_0314.jpg (138280 bytes)    SillyFace March 1 2004resize.JPG (130656 bytes)    BubbaSweater4 (Medium).JPG (57189 bytes)    
   Our doula,
   Erika Harding

SleepyBabyMarch6 2004r.jpg (169829 bytes)
    CuteBaby2March11 2004r.jpg (143807 bytes)        LeoBaby2March11 2004r.jpg (180086 bytes)    MegSweater1March7 2004r.jpg (168157 bytes)

LebowitzSwingMarch6 2004r.jpg (156352 bytes)        LoriClaus2March12 2004r.jpg (124178 bytes)
Thanks Aunt Carol        Aunt Lori and
and Uncle Lenny!     
    Uncle Claus  

Img_0369_032004r.jpg (104213 bytes)    Img_0372_032104r.jpg (156058 bytes)    Img_0362_031404r.jpg (164525 bytes)

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