June 2004
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Things I learned to do this month:
Grab my toys
Grab my feet
Got my lower front 2 teeth

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   Pathology end-of-the-year party
Kim, Matt, and baby Matthew
Lar, Steph, and baby Ari
Sharbani, Sanjay, Romir, and baby Nishka

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                    Bubba and Grandpa Bob's visit to Albuquerque

Ari's bath_062304.jpg (22947 bytes)    Ari 1_062404.jpg (29971 bytes)

Img_0726_062904redeye (Medium).jpg (80642 bytes)        Img_0734_063004redeye (Medium).jpg (63365 bytes)    IMG_0675_061304 (Medium).JPG (72472 bytes)    IMG_0684_061804 (Medium).JPG (44878 bytes)        
Found my left foot!     Found both feet!                                                                      

        IMG_0671_061304 (Medium).JPG (39340 bytes)
         Smart baby...
         ... or just a dumb president?   

IMG_0712_062304 (Medium).JPG (87534 bytes)    IMG_0722_062404 (Medium).JPG (44914 bytes)

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