July 2004
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Things I learned to do this month:
Starting to sit up all by myself
My first swim lesson
(in the hot tub)
My first "real" food

IMG_0737_070104 (Medium).JPG (46820 bytes)    IMG_0741_070104 (Medium).JPG (52030 bytes)    IMG_0745_070204 (Medium).JPG (56335 bytes)
                                Look at me!
                                I'm sitting up!

            IMG_0748_070304 (Medium).JPG (54970 bytes)
Mommy trying to get some work done

IMG_0761_071804 (Medium).jpg (67989 bytes)    IMG_0766_071804 (Medium).jpg (70322 bytes)    IMG_0769_071804 (Medium).jpg (41362 bytes)
                Swimming Baby

IMG_0773_071904 (Medium).jpg (67072 bytes)            IMG_0775_071904 (Medium).jpg (59380 bytes)            IMG_0784_072304 (Medium).jpg (68039 bytes)
                                        My first meal                Zingerman's bib
                                     Carrots!! Yummy!!          Thanks Scotty!!

IMG_0778_072004 (Medium).jpg (75935 bytes)    IMG_0781_072004 (Medium).jpg (77581 bytes)    IMG_0751_070704 (Medium).jpg (50418 bytes)
IMG_0752_071004 (Medium).jpg (45435 bytes)    IMG_0754_071104 (Medium).jpg (47349 bytes)    IMG_0757_071104 (Medium).jpg (30400 bytes)    IMG_0799_072804 (Medium).jpg (50066 bytes)
                DADDY and ME !!

IMG_0785_072304 (Medium).jpg (62969 bytes)                    IMG_0795_072704 (Medium).jpg (44395 bytes)   IMG_0803_073004 (Medium).jpg (52896 bytes)                    IMG_0802_072804 (Medium).jpg (61209 bytes)
Grandma Mary's visit                                                                         I bet I can eat this whole growler of beer!


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