February 2005
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Things I learned to do this month:
Sign language--"milk" (2/9), "more" (2/11), "bottle"
Make kissing noises
Eat with a spoon
Put random toys on my head when mommy says "on your head"
Put stacking rings back on stack
Stack 2 blocks
Climb stairs (2/27)
Say "daddy" and "mama"


Aris First Birthday ! !
(click above to see pics from Ari's first birthday)


IMG_1424_020605 (Medium).jpg (72369 bytes)    IMG_1425_020605 (Medium).jpg (73440 bytes)    004_1A_040605 (Medium).JPG (91872 bytes)    IMG_1445_022105 (Medium).jpg (56923 bytes)

ThaneUNMDaycare1_022405 (Medium).jpg (28556 bytes)
My teacher, Thane

IMG_1440_020905 (Medium).jpg (79531 bytes)    IMG_1426_020605 (Medium).jpg (80711 bytes)
Sometimes I let the kitties sit in my birthday chair

IMG_1453_022705 (Medium).jpg (99560 bytes)
Going for a ride in my new red wagon

IMG_1452_022605 (Medium).jpg (56105 bytes)
Mommy makeover!


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