December 2004
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Things I learned to do this month:
Gurgling sound
Pull myself up (with only a little bit of help)
Drink out of a cup (with assistance)
Excellent pincer grasp (now eats random things off floor!)
Crawling... backwards
Point to pictures in book when asked (ie: red balloon, kittens, moon)

IMG_1253_120404 (Medium).jpg (39270 bytes)    IMG_1252_120404 (Medium).jpg (40245 bytes)    IMG_1294_121404rr (Medium).jpg (58897 bytes)

IMG_1322_122304 (Medium).jpg (27386 bytes)    IMG_1319_122304 (Medium).jpg (54132 bytes)
Mom finally gave in and bought me my first (and last!) football shirt
just for Grandpop

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AuntLoriSweater3_122004 (Medium).jpg (80930 bytes)    AuntLoriSweater1_122004 (Medium).jpg (75485 bytes)    AuntLoriSweater2_122004 (Medium).jpg (77999 bytes)                    
        Sweater from Aunt Lori... Thanks Aunt Lori!!                

BubbaSweater2_120404 (Medium).jpg (90001 bytes)
Lookin' sharp in my sweater from Bubba

IMG_1317_122204 (Medium).jpg (122262 bytes)
Yeaaaaaaa!!  It's snowing !!

IMG_1255_120404crop (Medium).jpg (37606 bytes)    IMG_1355portrait_012205 (Medium).jpg (55128 bytes)
    Night night!!   

My first Hanukah !!!

FirstHanukah2_120704 (Medium).jpg (67399 bytes)    FirstHanukah1_120704 (Medium).jpg (66591 bytes)    FirstHanukah5_120704 (Medium).jpg (70031 bytes)    FirstHanukah7_120704 (Medium).jpg (73178 bytes)

FirstHanukah8_120704 (Medium).jpg (85138 bytes)    FirstHanukah9_120704 (Medium).jpg (81433 bytes)    FirstHanukah12_120704 (Medium).jpg (69002 bytes)    FirstHanukah13_120704 (Medium).jpg (77559 bytes)    FirstHanukah14_120704 (Medium).jpg (69926 bytes)
Opening my first present... a new bear for school !!!

FirstHanukah16_120804 (Medium).jpg (91048 bytes)    FirstHanukah17_120804 (Medium).jpg (66808 bytes)    IMG_1290_120804 (Medium).jpg (72659 bytes)    IMG_1287_120804 (Medium).jpg (73356 bytes)
Second night... Yeaaaaaaaa, Ugg boots... just what I always wanted !

FirstHanukah18_120904 (Medium).jpg (77127 bytes)
Third night... Barry the Bear rocking chair
Weeeeeeee !!!

Happy New Year !!!

New Year's Eve_123104 (Medium).jpg (48073 bytes)
Wow, it's sure been an exciting (and exhausting) year!


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