August 2004
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Things I learned to do this month:
Ride in a shopping cart at the grocery store
Sit in my highchair

IMG_0807_080404 (Medium).jpg (59645 bytes)                            IMG_0810_080404 (Medium).jpg (54280 bytes)
Drinking my Starbucks coffee          My new highchair
                                                        Thanks Diane!!

IMG_0805_080304 (Medium).jpg (90479 bytes)    IMG_0806_080304 (Medium).jpg (78308 bytes)                IMG_0813_080804 (Medium).jpg (54366 bytes)
    Aren't I cute in my swimsuit!                Washing up after swim lessons

IMG_0830_082204 (Medium).jpg (71041 bytes)    IMG_0831_082204 (Medium).jpg (72784 bytes)          IMG_0819_082104 (Medium).jpg (80332 bytes)             IMG_0825_082204 (Medium).jpg (65382 bytes)
        Playing with Shannon                      Check out my new toy!       Wild boar kabobs!
                                                                                                         Thanks Grandpop!     

IMG_0822_082104 (Medium).jpg (89808 bytes)    IMG_0823_082104 (Medium).jpg (97222 bytes)   IMG_0833_082504 (Medium).jpg (52785 bytes)
        Shopping in high style!

IMG_0846_082904 (Medium).jpg (61542 bytes)        YogurtYummy_082804 (Medium).jpg (66015 bytes)        IMG_0840_082804 (Medium).jpg (52436 bytes)    IMG_0837_082804 (Medium).jpg (51245 bytes)
                                   Yogurt! Yummy!                                       Daddy and me!

IMG_0841_082804 (Medium).jpg (62248 bytes)    IMG_0842_082804 (Medium).jpg (63511 bytes)
                Mommy and me!

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