April 2007
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Things I did this month:
I started "minastics" (with Coach Anna)

Random conversations:
Mommy: Who are your favorite people?
Ari: You, daddy, Bubba, Grandpa Bob, and... (long pause)... tell me Bubba's sister... Aunt Carol


Happy Passover
(at Bubba and Grandpa Bob's house)


        Around the seder table



At the park (check out my "electric avenue" hair!)

Playin' ball with the guys (Uncle Lenny and Cousin Brian)

Just hangin' out

A visit from my daddy

At home... look at me crossing my legs!

Mommy found us a killer new house in Santa Fe!


At Quarry Hill Nature Center with my friend, Simeon

Having fun with Mommy and Bubba

My Mommy's friend Melissa with Bob in front of her new house in MI

My school picture (Shhhhh... don't tell!)


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