April 2005
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Things I learned to do this month:
Cruise (4/1)
My first boo-boo (4/1)--
I fell down and hit the coffee table and got a bloody lip (ouch!!) 
My first babysitter (4/2)--my mom and dad went out for sushi with friends--they had to come home early though because all the fire alarms in the house went off (I slept through it...)
Sign "eat" (4/4)
Smell the flowers (4/13)
I can say "nana" (banana)

IMG_1540_040905 (Medium).jpg (41549 bytes)    IMG_1541_040905 (Medium).jpg (39981 bytes)
Hey!  What's up with the bars?!

IMG_1535_040205redeye (Medium).jpg (54361 bytes)    IMG_1531_040205 (Medium).jpg (58747 bytes)    SmellingCinnamon1_041605 (Medium).jpg (78164 bytes)
                                                            Cinnamon smells yummy!

Telephone4_042205 (Medium).jpg (73098 bytes)    Telephone1_042205 (Medium).jpg (72424 bytes)    Telephone2_042205 (Medium).jpg (69691 bytes)
Talking on Daddy's cell phone


PassoverWithYarden3_042305 (Medium).jpg (66271 bytes)    PassoverWithYarden2_042305 (Medium).jpg (79180 bytes)    PassoverWithYarden1_042305 (Medium).jpg (60057 bytes)
It's fun to play with Yarden


MatthewBDay9_043005redeye (Medium).jpg (46596 bytes)    MatthewBDay8_043005redeye (Medium).jpg (42379 bytes)
I'm in a tunnel !!

MatthewBDay7_043005redeye (Medium).jpg (56507 bytes)    Yarden_043005 (Medium).jpg (62170 bytes)
My friend, Yarden

MatthewBDay13_043005 (Medium).jpg (68190 bytes)    MatthewBDay16_043005 (Medium).jpg (78340 bytes)    MatthewBDay11_043005 (Medium).jpg (92463 bytes)    MatthewBDay12_043005 (Medium).jpg (66898 bytes)
Birthday parties are fun, even if they do try to make me wear a stupid-looking hat


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