March 2011
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Things I did this month:
Went to Galveston and Dallas, TX for Spring Break

Random Conversations:

Birthday present from Mommy
A new loft bed!!!



Galveston, TX with Kim, Matthew, and Ethan Petitt

ATV's and turtles... you can't beat this!


On a submarine with Matthew and Ethan

Hanging out

Dinner out





At the zoo
(Ari took all the creature pictures)

Komodo dragons and gorillas

Exhausted and mad at Mommy... I'm sleeping over here without you!

At the park

Awesome crawfish and crab leg dinner!

Bye Kim!  We'll miss you!  Thanks for having us!


And on to... Dallas, TX

Me and Cousin Samuel

Ethiopian dinner with the whole gang

Gee thanks Uncle Todd... isn't this how Columbine came about, lol.

St. Patty's Day block party
Go mom!!

Messing around with Samuel and my Uncles Kevin and Todd


Purim with Chabad
Yes, that is Rabbi Berel on the left!

And my daddy came to visit too!
Minnie Me!


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