June 2011
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Things I did this month:
Started summer camp
Camping in Ouray, CO with Mommy

Random Conversations:


No explanation needed

Go Club

Climbing Gym Camp

Jiu Jitsu (because I don't have enough to do already)

Cliff's amusement park in ABQ with Laurel and Kim

Horrible smoke blowing in from the AZ wildfires
0% contained... good time to get away!


Yaaaaaay! VACATION!
Camping in Ouray, CO
Amphitheater campground

Long drive

Driving into Ouray

Our site, #10 (the best site by far)

Cascade Falls

Perimeter trail around Ouray

Box Canyon Falls

Mouse's Chocolate and Coffee Shop
Our nightly stop for dark chocolate coffee toffee and scrap cookies

Ari's and Mommy's pocket knives side-by-side

4-Wheel Drive Tour up Yankie Boy Basin
(our driver's first high altitude expedition following his recent 5-vessel bypass surgery, oy vey)

Dinner out

Very cold nights (in the 30's!)
Sleeping bag monster attack!
Tent Glow Art

Our first fishing expedition in Ridgway, Dutch Charlie Reservoir... 5 hours for 1 small (but yummy) rainbow trout

River rafting on the Uncompahgre River

Our second fishing expedition at Lake Pa-cha-chu-pak (after river rafting)... 3 hours and 7 fish!

Reading on the long drive home


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