April 2011
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Things I did this month:
I started playing guitar again

Random Conversations:
Ari: Mommy, is there such a place as Hannah Montana?
*    *    *
Ari:  Mommy, when can I start drinking coffee?
Mommy:  When you can make it yourself.
Ari:  OK... first you put the water in and then that paper thing and then the coffee.  Then close the lid and press bake.


Pink Adobe (Joseph Hoback)
Joseph Hoback at Pink Adobe

Cowgirls... our favorite hangout
A playground for Ari... and a bar for Mommy ;-)

TG for summer!
Our first fruit salad of the season

Japanese Festival with my friend Alex
Enjoying a Tea Ceremony

Fried matzo with Alex

Hiking the La Luz trail with Mommy (well part of it anyway)

EJ Martinez Three Piggy Opera performance... Oh Mommy do I have to go?  It's so embarrassing!



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