October 2010
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Things I did this month:
I swam 12 laps for my swim team's swim-a-thon
I moved up to "red" in Hebrew school

Random Conversations:
Ari: Mommy, I made a mistake and I need to "enrase" it.

*    *    *

Ari: Mommy, can we see Pirates of the "Caribeener"?

*    *    *

Mommy: Did you eat breakfast at school this morning?
Ari: Yes
Mommy: What did you have?
Ari: Eggs and a potato latke and toast and milk
Mommy: A potato latke, huh?
Ari: Yes

EJ Martinez Swim Team Swim-A-Thon


Albuquerque International Balloon Festival

Hey I look pretty good for waking up at 4:30am!




Playing guitar with my neighbor Dave

Getting ready for Halloween
Check out my mom's friend Chris Zephro's mask company www.trickortreatstudios.com
Chris you rock!

Johnny's Hyabusa

Uptown in ABQ

Halloween at EJ Martinez Elementary School
Ms. Wheeler's First Grade Class

Owl Barf Balls... yummmmy!

Trick or Treating with the neighbors
Hannah, Laurel, Jack, and Ari


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