November 2010
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Things I did this month:
I have decided to become a singer when I grow up... even though the only "Area of Concern" on my report card was for lack of participation in music class (i.e., I refused to sing)!
I got Strep throat... twice
My first break dance battle Optimum B-Boy II
Hockey season (Santa Fe Youth Hockey Mites #94)
My first hockey game (vs Rio Rancho and Los Alamos)--SFYH Coyotes
My favorite song is Not Afraid by Eminem

Random Conversations:
Ari: You know what I like about Panda Express? They don't need to cook anything.  They just scoop it up and put it in a bowl and give it to you.
Mommy: And that is exactly why we don't go there!

*    *    *

Ari:  Mommy, is it Strep froat or Strep throat?

*    *    *

Ari (asking about his mommy and daddy's wedding):  Was Bubba still old back then?
Mommy:  Well, she was a lot younger than she is now
Ari:  Did she look the same?
Mommy:  Pretty much the same, except she had brown hair back then
Ari (snickering): She must have been funny looking... I can see a picture of her in my head with brown hair... she is much more beautiful now.

Random November Stuff

Oh Poor Tesla!

Wii with Jacob and Jessica


Optimum B-Boy II Break Dance Competition

Santa Fe Youth Hockey Mites
First Practice


Santa Fe Youth Hockey Mites
Ari #94
First Scrimmage
Mites (Coyotes and Lobos) vs. Rio Rancho and Taos

Santa Fe Cooking School
Foods of Mexico


Getting Ready

The Table

The food
(Port-roasted turkey with gravy, Marshmallow sweet potatoes, Potato rolls, Giblet stuffing with apricots, chestnut soup, horseradish cranberry relish, cranberry pear relish, brussel sprouts, sweet potato pie, pecan pie)



Happy Birthday Samuel!

Hanging out with Cousin Saul, Auntie Yuh Min, Grandpa Bob, Uncle Todd, and Uncle Mike


Bubba's 70th Birthday at Tamaya




Hanging out


*    *    *    *    *





Corn Maiden
(Swordfish, duck, filet mignon)

More Random November Stuff

Messing around with Uncle Todd

Hanukkah Bubba!
EJ Martinez Elementary School

Oh so tired!

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