May 2010
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Things I did this month:
Kindergarten graduation!
Breakdance recital... and I was awesome!

Random Conversations:
Ari (driving to ABQ to pick up his Bubba at the airport): Yaaaaay! My Bubba's coming! I feel so happy that I don't want my Bubba to come.  That's how happy I am.

Ari (when going to bed after spending Memorial Day weekend with his Bubba): Mommy, this is the best vacation ever.


Mommy and her crazy friends Shannon and Sean

I love my new basketball!

Our new Aspen


Laurel and I being tomato plants!

Hebrew School Graduation
Chabad of New Mexico

Sitting next to Jessica listening to my teacher, Julie
Giving my presentation (but I was shy and my teacher gave it for me)
Getting my graduation certificate

My class made a mural for the new building

Music at Chabad

But I wasn't too shy to perform in my breakdance performance!
That's my teacher Chino in the black shirt

School trip to the Children's Museum (with Mommy) 

My friend, Kenai, and I painting our faces


Finding snails was the best part
Showing off my snail to my friend, Gautam

Kindergarten Graduation
Class of 2022

EJ Martinez Elementary School
Teacher: Ms Jess

The graduation procession
(hmmm... wonder why the hands in the pockets?)

Getting my diploma

The graduating class

My friend, Kenai, and I with our diplomas

Aaaah... there was a (very large) moth in my pocket
(which went on to lay 82 eggs!)


What a boring road trip

The Train to Lamy with Mommy and Bubba

Long exhausting month!

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