March 2010
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Things I did this month:
Went to California for Spring Break
Learned to tie my shoes
Slept in until 12:30 in the afternoon... twice!
I joined the EJ Martinez Viking's Swim Team
I can read a beginner's book all by myself
I read to my Mommy every night before bed
I have a loose tooth!!!!

Random Conversations:
Mommy (to Ari when he finally woke up at 12:30pm): You slept in!!  It's afternoon already!
Ari (shrugging his shoulders):  Well... yaaaa... I was fuckin' tired.

*    *    *

Ari (on the drive home from the airport after Spring Break): I'm gonna freak when we get home cause I miss it so much.

*    *    *

Ari (on arriving home after Spring Break):  It's so good to be home.

*    *    *

Ari (while writing a story): That's a bad "a"... that "a" looks like someone who ate too much McDonalds.


Dallas Trip

At a pirate play with Bubby

Hanging with Uncle Kevin
Brushing teeth with my cousins

Happy Belated Birthday to Ari and Samuel

***Chinese New Year***


Dallas Aquarium


Karate class... Ari with his white belt and Samuel with his green belt

Korean dinner... yummmm!!!

All worn out

Purim with Chabad

Ari, Mommy, Jacob, and Alex

Megillah Reading #1

Megillah Reading #2
Mendel Levertov

Dr. Richard Leiberman and Rivka Levertov

Hebrew school class performance and costume contest


First night... could not wait to get out on that beach!

Bloody Prawn Mary... now that is breakfast!

The first morning on the beach with Vic

The Dream Inn and it's view



To the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Chris, Lauren, and Sidney, and Victor




Dinner with Vic

M&M's from the hotel mini bar... in bed
Now, that is THE life


Showered up and out to the beach and wharf!

Breakfast at Beach Street Cafe



Chris, Lauren, Sidney's house

Monterey Bay Aquarium


Breakfast at Santa Cruz Diner with Chris and Sidney... and on to San Francisco

On the boat to Alcatraz

"The Rock"

Irish coffee at the Buena Vista

...and on to Sonoma to visit Chantal, Russ, Isabel, and Madeline

Benzinger Winery with Mommy

Making sliders with Isabel and playing with my favorite bunny

...and on to Oakland to hang out with Susan, Ed, and Sebastian



...and flying back home from an AWESOME vacation

Back Home

My spaceship

New patio furniture


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