August 2010
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Things I did this month:
I went to a dragon building camp!
I got my lizard Lucy back... but she died :-(
I got a new bearded dragon named Nikola Tesla
I went to the Santa Fe opera with Mommy
My first day of... FIRST GRADE!! (I'm in Mr. Lain's bilingual 1st/2nd grade)

Random Conversations:
Ari: Mommy, is that your brab? (i.e., bra)

Mommy got a night out with the girlz because it was her birthday after all

My awesome solar powered dragon that I built

Awesome steak with the neighbors Kim, Dave, and Laurel, and Johnny
Thanks Dad!!! Incredible dinner!

My new lizard Nikola Tesla (...look it up)

At the coffee shop with Mommy and Tesla

Las Golondrinas with Jacob and Jessica

Saying good-bye to my nanny, Yadira
Mommy and I will miss you terribly!

To the Santa Fe Opera apprentice program... sushi tailgate ;-)

My last day with long hair... oh Mommy it's okay... it's really better this way

My first day of first grade!
Don't cry Mommy

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