November 2009
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Things I did this month:
Bought a NEW TRUCK with Mommy!  Yaaaaaaay!
My first sleepover away from Mommy... well that I can remember anyway!

Random Conversations:

Ari:  Mommy, I miss Grandpa Bob getting a magazine and looking at it at our table...


Toyota Tacoma 2010
Double cab, 4WD, 6-speed manual transmission, TRD Off-road package


Good-bye Subaru!!

Crazy Hair Day at EJ Martinez

Thanksgiving celebration at EJ Martinez with my friend, Ben

Thanksgiving with Mari and her fam

Post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
(Kim, Dave, Wes, Shannon, Dan)
Fig-Blue Cheese-Pecan Tart, Duck with cherry sauce, Mashed potatoes with rutabega, Pecan-Caramel-Salt Cheesecake
Hanging out with Laurel having dessert

Cerel (Rabbi's youngest daughter)

Bowling with Chabad

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