May 2009
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Things I did this month:
Oh I've been so bad at school... I just don't know why I be so mean

Random Conversations:
Mommy (trying to convince Ari to wash hands): You'll get sick if you don't wash your hands.  There's a really bad flu going around.
Ari (rolling his eyes):  I know... the pig flu!
Mommy (laughing):  How did you know about that?!
Ari:  I know, I know... it makes you turn pink!
Mommy (laughing harder):  Where did you learn that?
Ari:  ...just kidding!

*    *    *

Ari (on what he wants to do when he grows up):  I think I'm going to be a science experimenter... and also I'm going to work out and lift heavy bars and ride a bike that doesn't go anywhere...

*    *    *

Teacher:  Ari wanted me to tell you he's having a good day... a chickawawa day (even better)


Little Earth School fundraiser

Waiting for the dentist

Silly, silly, silly

Our new backyard

Testing the soil for our garden

Silly again

My Hebrew School class went bowling... can you pick out the Rabbi (and my teacher Mitch)

Little Earth School Dance Performance

My teachers, Isidro and Laura

Ari shot of Mommy and Tommy... sorry Tommy!

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!

Northern New Mexico Soccer, US-5... the weather always sux!

My guitar teacher David Yard and me rocking out!

Geno's 40th Birthday

Welcome Ephram Paul
And congratulations to the new Mommies, Melissa R. and Melissa M.
Mazel Tov!!

Mommy Ari Vacation
Tamaya Resort and Spa

We swam

We were silly

We ate, ate, ate

We rested and relaxed and played games

We went for long hikes

And we had an AWESOME time!


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