July 2009
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Things I did this month:
"Chest" (chess) camp

Random Conversations:
Ari (while watching fireworks): Oh holy... shit!
Mommy: Ari!
Ari:  It's a special night so we get to say "holy shit"

*    *    *

Ari (on a huge firework down the street): Ohhhhh... that one was almost out of the legal!

*    *    *

Ari:  Tell me a story when you were a little girl

*    *    *

Ari (while waiting for airplane to take off): How come we're not blasting off yet?

*    *    *

Ari (playing a rhyming word game): Window... findow... is findow in real life?

*    *    *

Ari (diving off sofa): Mommy, would you like to try it?

*    *    *

Ari: Can we go to Old McDonalds for lunch?


Our pretty house... inside...

...and out

Our first garden... our first pepper... and our first sunflower!

Out for sushi
My favorite sushi place
And my favorite sushi chef

Chess Camp with my friend Sam

At the Corvette Show... my favorite part was the horny toad

To Michigan!!

On our way!

Hanging out with Grandpop and Scotty


Talking football... oy vey!

M and M and baby Ephram... cutest baby boy ever... well, after me of course!

Oh boo goo!  How did you get up there?!

And on to Traverse City!!

The whole gang

Ari and his cousins, Samuel and Saul, and Auntie Yuh Min

To the beach

Hanging out

Getting ready for bed... somersaults are the perfect way to wind down after a long day!

Boating... well, paddle boating anyway

Cherry picking

Oh did we ever pick cherries!



So silly!


Ari shots!

When ya gotta go... ya gotta go!


Hunting for wildlife... pornographic wildlife!

Snakes... snakes... snakes




Sand Dunes!



The Whole Gang

SO tired... snoozing at the airport

...and home to flowers  ;-)

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