January 2009
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Things I did this month:
I can now recognize all the numbers up to 110... after that it just gets all confusing!
My first day of Hebrew School
Three Tibetan monks came to my school... how awesome is that?!

Random Conversations:

Ari (apologizing): I'm sorry from hitting you mommy.

*    *    *

Ari: I'm already a videogame head.
Mommy: Oh yeah?  And you don't even have any videogames.
Ari:  But I can close my eyes and make them up in my head.
Mommy: Well, that's even better than a real videogame because then you're using your brain and imagination.  And that's a good thing.
Ari:  And if we imagination something in our brain, then it makes us ideas.


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Hannah, Sadie, and Me at Asher's Birthday Party at KidZone
(my favorite place in the whole world)

Mommy and I baked a cake for Kitty's Birthday

An early Birthday present from Bubba and Grandpa Bob
So cool!!

Happy Birthday to Me!
A skateboard from Tommy and Mommy!


Kitty and Kristin with baby Reagan Maya and me skateboarding Maya's mom Jessica and baby River

Making pizza with Maya and Sadie
...and Emiliano, Asher, and Angel

Harley Cake and Transformer masks

All 14 of my very best friends came!

We had 2 pinantas!

Maya and Me after too much cake and candy

Opening presents with Ngelek and Maya

Sleeping with my balloons after an awesome day!

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