December 2009
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Things I did this month:
I can read a lot of words (blue, yellow, red, brown, purple, is, the...)
I know the first part of the Hebrew alephbet

Random Conversations:

Fooling around with Mommy and Tasha


Skater dude!

Nostrani... Eric you rock!
OMG Tuna sashimi with shaved white truffle, olive oil, and red sea salt
Dinner at Nostrani with Shannon and Wes (and of course Eric--on the left)


Bearded dragon at Kidzone

Camping out with Mommy in the living room

Out to dinner with Mari and Shannon

Gingerbread houses with Dave, Laurel, Kim, and Mommy

Sushi at Whole Foods


2nd Night... Wii Sports Pac

2nd Night at Sam's (and Amy and Brian's) house with Ely and Jessica

3rd Night... Bakugan!

4th Nite... new watch

6th Nite with Bubba and Grandpa Bob on Skype webcam... Wii MarioKart!


Lazy day with Alexander, Joseph, and Laurel

Yes, this really is how we spend Christmas morning, lol!

Playing Wii at Kidz Zone with Jessica

Winter Festival in Santa Fe with Jessica

At the mall

Winter vacation at home with Laurel

Sunset from Mommy's office

Wii... Wii... Wii...
Someone help me... I can't stop!!

New Year's Eve with Ben
Then home to watch the ball drop with Mommy... but I only made it up until 11:30

Whew!  Quite a month it's been!


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