August 2009
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Things I did this month:
Supposed to go to hockey camp... didn't work out... I was the youngest by 5 yrs!  Mommy and me were very sad  :(
I have all my hockey gear now though (even a mouth guard and a cup!)
My first camping trip... it was awesome!
I can read Hop on Pop!!!!
I was bit by a mouse (that I caught) in an area endemic for sin nombre virus (that's Hantavirus)

Random Conversations:
Ari (to his guitar teacher): I bought a cup today... for hockey

*    *    *

Ari (explaining the mouse incident--see above):  Mommy, I caught it and then it bit me... and it hurt a lot so I dropped it.  Then I caught it again, but I held it by the tail so it couldn't bit me anymore.

The doctor at the urgent care clinic that evening:  Well, if it's Hanta he'll be dead by tomorrow... I'd be more concerned about rabies though... Bubonic plague we can treat.  In the meantime, you can start him on an antibiotic to prevent a skin infection if you want.  Other than that, just watch him, and if he starts having trouble breathing get him to the Emergency Department immediately.

Mommy: Gee, thanks.  That's reassuring.  Guess that means no more trip to CA next week... Tamaya here we come (again).

(2 week follow-up: So far, so good... only 4 more weeks until past 6 week incubation period for Hantavirus!)


Finally got all my gear... whew, it's a lot of work to get dressed!


Mites hockey practice

At the pool with Laurel

Camping at Villanueva State Park!!

Our camp site

The campers... who took that second pic?

The backyard to our site

Playground next to our site

Bug hunting... and a BAT!!!!!! our site!

My mommy... Happy Camper Birthday Mommy!!!

With my friend Laurel

Good to be home... and clean 

Professional handling same type of mouse that bit me!
Hmmm... I just hold it by the tail so it can't bite me
Isn't it cute?



We hung out by the pool
Sean and Shannon came to visit us

And even though I love my Mommy...

The toads were the best part!

(thanks to a cute little gray mouse and a little boy who got bit)


We spent a lot of time at the pool
And a LOT of time on the water slide...
...until we got in trouble for going together and wearing a life jacket

Laurel came to visit with her mom and dad
Mari came to visit too!

I caught a lot of bugs
Isn't my grasshopper cute?  Yes, that's Mommy's bed!

Tommy came to visit and we played chess

We went to the rodeo
Blowing kisses to my Mommy on the way


Aren't we cute?



The best part!

So tired, Mommy!

We had a great vacation!

And a sleepover with Laurel back home



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