April 2009
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Things I did this month:
My first soccer practice
I can say the B'rucha over the wine

Random Conversations:
Hmmmmm.... I'll think of some soon


Out to dinner with Bubba, Aunt Carol, and Mommy
(That's Ari's awesome pic of Bubba)

*    *    *

Our Trip to Dallas


On our way to the seder
Mommy shot with Ari and Ari shot with Samuel


Auntie Yuh Min and baby Saul

This thing is bigger than my head!
(Can you tell it's been a LONG seder?)

We found the Afikomen!    Give us our money Uncle Mike!

After dinner recital with Ben and Samuel

Chilling out at home...whew, it's been a long exhausting day!

*    *    *

At the Arboretum and then shopping for dinner (this is way more fun than shopping with Mommy)

*    *    *





Look at our bug jar Auntie Yuh Min        Resting my poor owie knee

Time to go home... boohoohoo

*    *    *

Back Home Again for my first soccer practice!
Poor Tommy!

Went to my friend Sam's house... and forced into hard labor!

The yard is getting there... slowly, but surely

On the way to my FIRST soccer game




Making Strides For Breast Cancer
With Shannon, team leader of the Geodynamos
5 mile walk


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