September 2008
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Things I did this month:
My first phone call from a friend... and a girl nonetheless!
I was attacked by a whole bunch of needles at the doctor's office
I have a whole new arsenal of swear words from the big kids at my new school!
I am 43 inches tall and 34 pounds

Random Conversations:

Ari: Do you remember when my daddy said I was only 4.
 Mommy: You are only 4.
 Ari: Noooo!  I'm 4 and a half!
 Mommy:  Well, that's true.
 Ari: Weeeelllll... he doesn't know, because he doesn't have a little boy.
 Mommy:  ... (long silence) ...
 Ari: his house.

*    *    *

Ari (at preschool parent orientation): ...Whining horribly because he wants something different to eat... about to throw huge tantrum...
Maya (Ari's best friend at school): Don't be picky about it... just come play!
Ari: (big smile)... okay... (runs off after Maya)

*    *    *

Mommy:  We'll bring hard boiled eggs, muffins, and fruit for your school snack day... and how about fuzzy water?
Ari:  Yes.  And wine for the teachers.

*    *    *

Ari:  Mommy, what's a luxury?
Mommy:  It's something special that you don't need and not everyone has.
Ari:  Oh, even I have a luxury.
Mommy:  What's your luxury?
Ari:  It's you!

*    *    *

Ari (at 6:30am Saturday morning):  Mommy, would you like to play?
Mommy:  Don't you want to watch TV?
Ari:  Na... let's play.
Mommy (desperate for some more sleep):  OK... do you want to watch TV while we play?
Ari:  Na.
Mommy (really desperate for some more sleep):  Why not?
Ari:  Because then I'll just watch.
(Mommy, gives up on ever feeling rested...)


?Que pasa vato?

Yummy... tobiko from Grandpop for Mommy's birthday... and Mommy's first sushi!
Don't you take our picture... oh "okay... fine"

My very favorite part of Grandpop's present though was the dry ice  ;-)

We got a new kitty!  Natasha ("tasha") Leo
But Tommy calls her Paris because she really is a snob

And I got a new haircut... don't worry Bubba, it only goes this way with LOTS of hair goo

Look, I can write!

Sip, sip, sip... munch!

Lazy morning making pancakes and hangin' out

I LOVE the New Mexico State Fair

Awesome vehicles (and some silly ones)!

Feet vibrators and pony rides and motorcycle rides and hours of running up and down and around and around

My first roller coaster
(oh wait... there was that log ride my Mommy took me on in MN that I still have nightmares about)
Okay... my first fun roller coaster!

I feel kinda silly...

And the best part... cotton candy bigger than my head!
This may actually have been more Mommy's best part than mine...

Whew!  It's been a busy busy month!

My backyard...
I think this is Mommy's attempt to get people to come visit us in NM


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