May 2008
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Things I did this month:
I can rollerblade and ice skate without holding on--my coach said it would take at least another year, but it only took 2 months!
I can ride a 2-wheel bike!
My first cavity  ;-(
I burnt a big hole in my carpet and almost burnt down the whole house with it--at least we now know the smoke detectors were never hooked up!

Random Conversations:
At the dentist (while getting a filling): My mouth feels like it's backwards.

Are you joking me?

Ari (running into kitchen while playing with sweet little 2 year old curly blond-haired blue-eyed girl): Mommy, she isn't playing nice
Sweet little 2 year old curly blond-haired blue-eyed girl (running after Ari into kitchen): Mommy, he call me "shi-ee head".
Mommy: That's my boy!

Ari: Why if I never get owies, I still get owies?

Ari (discussing the "shin" on the mezzuzah): Shin... it sort of matches a bad word.

Ari (on being thirsty): I'm not thirsty of milk... I'm only thirsty of water.

Cute word pronunciations:

Mother's Day breakfast and Peace Rally

Mommy night out
Kristin, Bonnie, Gary, Veena, Shannon

"Mommy, he call me shi-ee head"






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