March 2008
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Things I did this month:
Oh, I am doing so awesome at school!
My first dream that I remembered
My first hockey lesson

Random Conversations:

Ari (on the drive to school one morning):
I had a "wery" interesting dream.  Would you like to hear it?
I couldn't see.  I blinked and blinked and blinked.  And I still couldn't see.
I was at the mall with daddy and we were being chased.  And Hannah was there.  And Hannah's Mommy and Daddy.  And Grandpa Bob.  Bubba wasn't there--she had to stay home to watch the cat.  And we were being chased by a lion.  It was a man dressed up as a lion.  And he was chasing us.  And I couldn't see.  And then it was just a man dressed up as a lion. And I blinked and blinked.  And then I could see.

*    *    *

Ari (on eating banana dipped in chocolate): Mommy, that didn't really look like dessert... but if you call that, it is.

Lucy, my lizard

Me and my new hockey coach, Orlando

Whew!  Hockey is hard work.


My second lesson!
Apparently, I'm a lefty!  Who knew?

My morning routine: Cereal and TV with my "boo goos"

Temple Beth Shalom Preschool



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