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Random Conversations:

Ari: Mommy, why Tommy have statues on his back?

*    *    *

Ari: I was kind of angry with him, but then my face shined up and I gave him a piece of my gum.

December 2007

Baking Chanukah cookies with Bubba                                                                       

Ari, Bubba, and Mommy sox

Redneck at heart

December 2007 and January 2005

Goofy boys!!

So sleepy


*    *    *

New Year's Eve
Baked brie with garlic/onion preserves
Wild Alaskan salmon in phyllo dough
Chocolate truffles, stilton, crackers, candied walnuts, and port





January 1, 2008

Pancake breakfast

Happy Birthday Uncle Mike!


*    *    *

Breakfast of Champions

At Quail Run

*    *    *

My friend Asher's 3rd Birthday Party at the Children's Museum


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