February 2008
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Things I did this month:
I got a 2-wheel bike with training wheels
I recognize the numbers 1 thru 9
My second dentist appointment

Random Conversations:

Ari: Where is G-d?
Mommy: G-d is all around us.
Ari: Does G-d fly?
Mommy: I think probably.
Ari: Does she come down sometimes?
Mommy: I think so.
Ari: How come I never see she?

*    *    *

Ari (on doing things on his own): Not you... only I
Ari (on pressing the TV mute button before dinner): I calm it down
Ari (asking Mommy to turn on a good TV show): Mommy, turn on something good for boys
Ari (seeing a woman at the mall trying on a wedding dress): Look at she. She so pretty. She look like you Mommy. Let's wait here awhile.
Ari (overheard while playing with his dad): Oh, you're going to be in trouble.
Ari:  Sometimes my back just "cwacks". It quacks like a duck!

*    *    *

Ari (on the chocolates he got me for Valentine's Day): Mommy! Mommy! You have to find your present! I hid it in the bathtub! Mommy, you have to find it!
Mommy: I need a clue.
Ari: It's in the bathtub!  Find it Mommy!

*    *    *

Ari: I don't want to go to school.  I want to stay here with you.
Shannon: But your friends will miss you if you don't go to school.
Ari: But I'll miss you if I go to school.

*    *    *

Ari (while eating a date): Mommy, did you know that dates are the same as going out for a date?

*    *    *

Ari's story: Once upon a time, my mommy went to space and there was a pirate in the rocket ship (a nice one) and he flied it to the North Pole and my mommy flied it back to our house.



AND MANY MORE..........


First we did gymnastics!
Laurel/Dave, Asher/Andrew/Angel/Ari/Hannah, Ari, Hannah, Asher, Laurel, Laurel/Asher/Hannah/Ari/Andrew, Angel, Ava, everyone, Asher/Tracy, Richard/Yarden




Then we ate bagels and lox and cream cheese!
Asher/Ari/Angel, Dave/Laurel/Kim


Then (roaring dinosaur) cake!!


Then presents! Yaaayy!


Then more presents at home!

Lucy, my lizard!          My new big boy bike!            My new hovercraft!

Then a party at school on my real Birthday!
All my friends and my teacher, Maria Elena



Mommy's new Blue Tooth! And my new camera!

Happy Valentine's Day!
And look at the pretty flowers and chocolates my Mommy got!

Our new dining room furniture
So we have somewhere to sit while we watch the most awesome sunsets out our back door

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